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31st August to 2nd September 2018 Netherlands

About the event

We feel the time has come to acknowledge the honeybee’s place in this world as a creature worthy of respect and protection in its own right. Instead of putting beekeepers needs first, we have to ask ourselves what the bees will need from us to safeguard their future. How can the bees’ natural behaviour inform the way we shape and conserve (agricultural) landscapes as well as our beekeeping practices? In short, how and what can we learn from the bees?

This event ‘Learning from the Bees’ will be the first of its kind – bringing together natural beekeepers, scientists, nature conservationists, artists and bee-lovers from all over the world. Together, we will shift our gaze from contemporary apicultural practices towards a Culture of the Bee, exploring together what that may look like, and how best to listen to the messages these pollinators are giving us about ourselves and about our relationship with the land (or with nature). In this way we hope to weave a strong international network of initiatives, which share the common objective of returning health and resilience to the honeybee worldwide.

The organizing team is looking forward to meeting you next summer in Doorn, The Netherlands!

For our newsletter, FAQ and additional details, please visit the conference page on the website of our valued partner: “The Natural Beekeeping Trust

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