Will you choose to bee?

The Smart Beeing Foundation approaches the problems of the bee in a practical, flexible and professional manner. At its roots are the building and keeping of beehives where the bees can go about their lives in a natural and healthy manner and where they can strengthen themselves at their own pace. At the same time the foundation works on informing the public and pass on their knowledge – practical and concise.

The promoters let out the call for entrepreneurs who in one way or another would like to help preserve and strengthen the bee population.

The summer of 2016 was used to participate in a European project in order to share and conserve best practices in beekeeping. The project is a coöperation with Turkish, Macedonian and Brittish organisations that strongly relate tot Smart Beeing.

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Our mission

The Smart Beeing Foundation aims primarely on preservation and strengthening the bee colonies in their natural habitat.