The Smart Beeing Foundation approaches the problems of the bee in a practical, flexible and professional manner.

Our primary focus is on taking care of  bee colonies in such a way that they can go about their lives in a natural manner and by doing so regain their natural strength. Beside this, the foundation works on informing the public and pass on its knowledge – practical and concise.

The promoters let out the call for entrepreneurs who in one way or another would like to help preserve and strengthen the bee population.

Since 2016 an important part of our activities was about the participation in an European project in order to share and conserve best practices in beekeeping. The project is a coöperation with Turkish, Macedonian and Brittish organisations that strongly relate tot Smart Beeing.

In 2017 Smart Beeing, together with some partners, started at laying the foundation for a global network of bee-guardians that will continue under the name “Learning from the Bees”.


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A beautiful moment for Smart Beeing!  Experience our first swarm. (May 2013)

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