The promoters of Smart Beeing are in agreement that they have to build on what is already there; start small and build step by step.

Bees play an essential role in the global food supply and our society, however the bees are in a bad shape. At this time it is of the utmost importance to invest in the protection and strengthening of the honeybee population. The Smart Beeing foundation contributes to a durable improvement of the living conditions of the bees. They do this in a concise, practical and transparent way, from a businesslike and entrepreneurial perspective.


1.    Information and knowledge sharing

An important goal is increasing awareness of the bee crisis, its impact on our society and the necessity to invest in protection the bee population. In order to improve the living conditions of the bees, we share as much information and knowledge as possible. We focus on the way we handle the bees and what the needs of the bees are.

2.   The build and maintenance of apiaries

The foundation realizes the construction and maintenance of apiaries.  An apiary is a stand or building where beehives or skeps are placed. Smart Beeing guarantees that its apiaries provide the bees a place where they can live in as natural an environment as possible with minimal disturbance.

3.    Building a network of involved entrepreneurs with societal workmanship

During a time of decreasing governmental involvement the support will mostly have to come from the entrepreneurs. The foundation works on a network of societal involved entrepreneurs who realize that the bee crisis is urgent and want to invest in solving the underlying problems. The Foundation will, in an understandable and practical manner, give insight into the direct and indirect threats to the bees and what the consequences of these threats are for our society. Smart beeing wants to build lasting relations with partners that want to help realize the foundations goals.

4.    Improving the surroundings

For the bees it’s important that there is a large variety of blooming flowers and plants throughout the season. Smart Beeing will sit round the table with governments, entrepreneurs and the self-employed to discuss  and work on the improvement of landscape management. We work towards a surrounding where a bee population can be healthy and able to resist diseases and pests without the use of chemicals.

5.    International collaboration

Based on the developments and achievements in the Netherlands, the foundation will evolve its concept in preparation for international collaborations and partnerships. The bee crisis is an acute international problem we want to tackle over the national borders.